The Real Elmer Girls of Philly Tour New Jersey

Oct 30, 2013

Elmer girls“The Real Elmer Girls of Philly” embarked on a Real Housewives of New Jersey  tour this past Sunday.  Francine, Jennifer, Maryellen, Samantha, Lorraine, Anne and Eileen headed off in the early hours of the morning driving north toward Hoboken. First stop was at Little Town Restaurant owned by Albie and Chris,  sons of housewife Caroline of the hit TV show The Real Housewives of New Jersey.  After lunch,  the Elmer girls headed to Cake Boss in Hoboken enduring a fun filled 2 hour long line meeting and hanging with Comedian Greg Fitzsimmons.   Greg will be at the Helium Comedy Club in Philadelphia in 2 weeks and is putting the girls on the VIP list.  Off the Elmer girls went packed into a minivan stalking and taking pictures of the homes of Caroline, Jacqueline, Kathy and Teresa.
Elmer girls2

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